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Hollerado - White Paint

Hollerado - White Paint
Hollerado — White Paint
Release Date: February 26, 2013
Royal Mountain Records; 11 Tracks; CD, Digital, Vinyl


Review by: Melissa Adamson

White Paint is the second full length album from Hollerado, released today through the band's own Royal Mountain Records.

Hollerado introduced their unique blend of power pop rock to the Canadian music scene four years ago with the first release of Record In A Bag. If you were lucky enough to be handed the record, which was actually packaged in a bag, from a smiling, clever member of Hollerado you were likely instantly intrigued by their quirky gimmick. When you played the record for the first time, I hope you quickly realized that Hollerado is good, really good, and that maybe the bag wasn't a gimmick, but a way for the band to express their unique personality.

Hollerado injects originality into everything they do. Over the last few years these fun loving guys have continued to express their unique personalities with creative antics including manufacturing and selling their own hot sauce and their “meet the mayor” tour. The latest brainstorm is an offer of a personalized song, written especially for the buyer, to go along with the first 200 pre-orders of the White Paint Super Deluxe Bundle.

True to its name, White Paint is fresh and polished. The album has built on the strengths of Record in a Bag, maintaining the band’s charismatic and memorable lyrics and colourful pop beats. The big difference is that the music, lyrics and vocals have been refined and each song offers a more mature sound.

The boys start the album on a peaceful note, showcasing their harmonies with "Wonder, Velocity, Charlie and Me", before quickly launching into high gear with a seamless transition into "Don’t Think". The high energy continues until song six, "Lonesome Gorge", where Menno Versteeg shows the softer side of his vocals. Mixed in between are the album's stand-out songs "Thanks for the Venom", "Desire", and "Too Much To Handle". All which come together to create an attention grabbing start, full of bouncy beats and catchy choruses that are sure to inspire late night dance parties and concert sing-a-longs. The last half of the album is equally as memorable, but offers a few slower moments, with "I Want My Medicine" and "Fresno Chunk (digging with you)", before ending on a high note with the first single "Pick Me Up".

White Paint is an impressive second album that is sure to please old and new fans of Hollerado. I suggest you give the record a listen, watch their awesome music videos and definitely go to a live show. If you like what you hear and see, "like" Hollerado on Facebook to follow their escapades and enter their contests. This band is full of surprises and they will definitely only continue to push the envelope, leaving their fans with fun memories and unique experiences along the way.

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