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Two Hours Traffic — Foolish Blood

Two Hour Traffic - Foolish Blood
Two Hours TrafficFoolish Blood
Release Date: February 19, 2013
Bumstead Records; CD, MP3


Review by: Bianca Marcus

Pop records can be hit or miss, but Foolish Blood is adult-friendly pop at its best; you can’t possibly feel bad while listening to this.

With loose snare, tambourine, and boppy guitar, it’s a hopeful, never earnest, retro surf sound that makes me miss summer.

Foolish Blood is the Charlottetown, PEI band’s seventh release and fourth full-length album since they formed in 2002. The band went through several changes in 2012 with the release of their Siren Spell EP, and these changes carry over to Foolish Blood. Instead of working with Joel Plaskett as producer, as with previous albums, the band chose to record with Darryl Neudorf (the Sadies, Neko Case) at his Operation Northwoods studio. There was a lineup change as well - guitarist Alec O’Hanley parted ways with the band, and bassist Andrew MacDonald stepped in to fill his shoes. New bassist Nathan Gill joined MacDonald, drummer Derek Ellis and vocalist-guitarist Liam Corcoran. The result is a refreshed sound that THT fans will welcome.

“Last Star,” “Audrey” and “Amour than Amis” are particularly catchy, though the entire record has a way of staying with you. It’s memorable, danceable pop perfection, and I caught myself singing along to it even during the first listen.

So, dear Two Hours Traffic: it’s minus 3 and snowing, I may have SAD or some terrible yet-unnamed allergy to winter, and even my dogs don’t want to go outside. They keep peeing on the kitchen floor, and it’s not a huge deal - I’m not above cleaning up pee, they’re just chihuahua pees - but the house is kinda slanted, and the pee runs under the fridge. You get it. But thank you for bringing summer to my ears, and for reminding me that there’s a light at the end of this cold, dark tunnel.