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The Darcys — The Darcys

The Darcys - The Darcys
The DarcysThe Darcys
Release Date: October 25, 2011
Arts & Crafts; 10 Tracks


Review by: Pete Nema

The Darcys self-titled release is an intricate, cohesive, and innovative piece of work. It is probably one of the best Canadian releases this year, and to make it all that more appealing, the band is currently offering the album for free.

Although The Darcys released a full-length album in 2007, it wouldn't be unfair to call this new self-titled effort a debut of sorts; the band underwent some changes since their last full-length, placing Jason Couse (vocals, piano, guitar) at the centre of attention, a position he has grown into with unbelievable proficiency. Mike le Riche (guitar), Dave Hurlow (bass), and Wes Marskell (drums) all contribute to the amazing musical accompaniment to Couse's addictive vocals.

The album starts off with "100 Mile House," a song that serves as a decent introduction. However, it is the second track, "Don't Bleed Me," that is a turning point of the unexpected and amazing kind. Being the shortest track on the album, it could be considered more of a transitional piece, but it is surprising in both its placement and sound. Odd beats and haunting sound along with extraordinary vocals sets the context for the remaining eight tracks.

The highlight of the album is "Shaking Down The Old Bones" a song that has also become a highlight of The Darcys' live performances. In its recorded form, it shows a lot of attention to detail. Like a mixture of Radiohead from the 00's, David Bowie of the 70's, and a heavy dosage of originality, this track is painfully beautiful, both lyrically and musically; be prepared for goose bumps.

Although "Shaking Down The Old Bones" is the most immediately likeable track, it is not all the album has to offer. "Des Animaux" incorporates hints of the 90's among its sonic backdrop of elegance. Other tracks that are likely to become listener favourites are "The Mountains Make Way", "Glasnot", and "House Build Around Your Voice". The Darcys have put together an incredibly strong and unique album; download the album for free now.

The Darcys play the Horseshoe Tavern on Friday, November 18th. Check their website for other tour dates.