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Frank Turner — England Keep My Bones

Frank Turner - England Keep My Bones
Frank TurnerEngland Keep My Bones
Release Date: June 7, 2011
Epitaph Records; 12 Tracks; CD, LP


Review by: Sean McNamara

England's folk troubadour returns with a collection of songs steeped with rich folk tradition, but injected with some punk rock spirit.

On England Keep My Bones, Frank Turner churns out more of his signature style of honest, heartfelt songs that combine traditional folk structure with a roaring punk attitude. Lyrically, he paints vivid pictures of his home county England, lost romance, and the plight of his friends and family.

This album does show a bit more variance in style than his previous work. For example, the laid back charm of "Peggy Sang The Blues" might remind some of Ben Folds, while "English Curse" sees Frank Turner singing a cappella about an evil deed that occurred in England, and it's repercussions. "If I Ever Stray" features a touch of twang, and flows along in an almost rockabilly-like rhythm.

There are still classic Frank Turner moments on England Keep My Bones. "I Still Believe" asks "Who'd have thought/that after all/something as simple as rock n' roll would save us all" over an energetic background accented with quick stabs of electric guitar. The beautiful "Nights Become Days" is a lot softer, with rolling acoustic guitar complimenting Frank's voice perfectly. The album closes with it's most poignant offering in "Glory Hallelujah", which claims "There never was no God" in a style that almost resembles a hymn. A brilliant, albeit controversial piece of work, the song is an effort to show people that salvation can be found if we believe in one another.

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