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Dinosaur Bones — My Divider

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Dinosaur BonesMy Divider
Release Date: March 8, 2011
Dine Alone Records; 11 Tracks; CD


Review by: Sean McNamara

On their full-length debut, Dinosaur Bones prove that the buzz surrounding them is well-deserved.

Having been one of Toronto's most notable buzz bands for the last year or more, the time has come for Dinosaur Bones to deliver what is expected of them. The verdict? My Divider delivers on most fronts.

The album opens up on a bit of a calm note. The breezy, rolling guitars of "Making Light" accent the soft croon of Ben Fox (vocals, guitar). The song builds as layered guitars guide the song to a close. The snarling bass line of "Sharks In The Sand" shows off a bit more attitude, and the constantly impressive drumming of Lucas Fredette (drums) powers the storming "Bombs In The Night", which also receives a nice lift from Dave Wickland (keyboard) providing short, energetic bursts of keys.

Long time fans of the band will recognize the melodic "N.Y.E" from their many live shows. This song is a good example of everything Dinosaur Bones does right. Storming bass, powerful layered guitars, and synths that help build the chorus to a climax. The stomping "Point Of Pride" is another highlight of this dynamic album, as are the previously released "Ice Hotels" and "Royalty".

The second last song is the bouncy "Highwire Act", which sounds a bit like a song that The Strokes would be proud of. The album then closes with the title track; however, after plodding along at mid-tempo for over 6 minutes, it is the only song on the album that I found somewhat forgettable.

After everything, though, My Divider is a great album that should cement Dinosaur Bones as one of the more promising bands in Canada.

Make sure you see them live at their CMW Showcase at Lee's Palace on March 11. They also play on July 9th at Edgefest '11 at Downsview Park.

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