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The Golden Dogs — Coat Of Arms

The Golden Dogs - Coat Of Arms
The Golden DogsCoat Of Arms
Nevado records; 2010
12 Tracks; CD, LP


Review by: Sean McNamara

The Golden Dogs ride the fine line between "That sounds like all their other albums" and "They changed their style too much". The result? Amazing!

Let's get this straight. We all know what a song by The Golden Dogs sounds like. Bouncy rhythms accompanied by simple but effective keys, and vocals delivered in an excited, almost frantic manner. Coat Of Arms has all of this, but on this album, the band tweak their songwriting style just a bit to deliver songs that sound more driving than frenzy-like, and tone down some of the vocals a bit to reveal that singers Dave Azzolini and Jessica Grassia are both very capable of carrying a tune.

The piano-led "Dear Francis" opens the album, and contains addictive vocal melodies, and is quickly followed by "Dark Room", which features darker keys, more driving guitars, and a tight bass line. Sounding intense and focused, it's a great example of what The Golden Dogs have done great on this album. "As Long As You Like" has a very Zeus-like feel to it, combining a perfect pop bass line with a rolling piano riff. Speaking of songs that remind me of other bands, "Weapon" resembles most of Sloan's best songs, and in no way is that a bad thing.

"Travel Time" brings back the intensity with a buzz saw guitar and pounding drums, not to mention the smashing tambourine in the chorus. There are slower moments on Coat Of Arms, like the Jessica sung "Underwater Goldmine" and "Old Hat", which layers and builds to a beautiful, noisy end. Believe it or not, these could be the best 2 songs on the album!

Whether you are just looking to dance, or listen to some well crafted tunes, Coat Of Arms is an extremely enjoyable listen that will most certainly demand a repeat listen... or five.

Make sure you catch The Golden Dogs' dynamic live show on October 29th at the Horseshoe Tavern.