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The Reason — Fools

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The ReasonFools
Warner Music; 2010
11 Tracks; CD


Review by: Sean McNamara

The Reason return with a diverse album jam-packed with straight ahead rock n' roll.

The follow up to their 2007 album Things Couldn't Be Better is a diverse collection of songs that gives us the feeling The Reason have finally found their sound. Fools has songs of different speeds, lyrical content, and energy, which makes this album a very interesting listen.

The album opener "Come & Go" sounds like something Kings Of Leon would love to have on their next album, with it's mid tempo drumming, a rumbling baseline, and raspy vocals. "Run" is a bouncy, more pop-oriented effort that is about running back home after being on the road, and the bouncy, groove-filled rhythm of "Work With Me" offers some laid back charm. "My Love Is Gone" brings a touch of darkness with it's distorted guitars and almost defeated sounding vocals. The quickly strummed acoustic guitar and pounding drums of "Dogs" compliment a well-sung chorus. I think I even heard some hand-claps too!

The gem on this album though is "The Longest Highway Home". It highlights everything this band is good at, from singer Adam White's screaming vocals that soar over a powerful barrage of noise provided by James Nelan (guitar, keys), Michael Caputo (guitar), Ronson Armstrong (bass), and Steve Kiely (drums). The song begins with a powerful burst of guitars that disappear just in time to let Adam's vocals shine, and hits a chorus that would raise even the heaviest of hands to the air.

Fools could end up sneaking on to many people's "best-of" lists at the end of the year. It's one of those albums that gets a bit better with every listen, and will likely sound amazing live at the Horseshoe Tavern on October 16th, so make sure you check them out.