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Rah Rah — Breaking Hearts

Rah Rah - Breaking Hearts
Rah RahBreaking Hearts
Young Soul; 2010
13 Tracks; CD, LP


Review by: Lee Fraser

New release from Regina's darlings will not break our hearts.

Rah Rah, the party on a stage, make fairly regular appearances on the Toronto show listings. They released their first album, Going Steady in September 2008, and over the past year or so, we've been lucky enough to have been treated to several of the songs on the new album during their shows.

Last summer, Rah Rah checked into The Treatment Room and recorded their latest album, Breaking Hearts, with Kees Dekker (recording engineer of Plants and Animals renown). Dekker’s modus operandi is to create a comfortable environment for the musicians, use amazing equipment, and take advantage of the good food nearby. Couple that with a fun-loving bunch of musically-talented friends and this equation results in a well-produced record that is quite enjoyable.

On Breaking Hearts, you will find the same romantic and intellectual lyrics we've come to expect from Marshall and the group. And yes, there is still some silliness and there are plenty of high energy, fun melodies. Tunes like "Arrows", "Beaches" and the title track will move into your sub-conscience and take up residence. As usual, the gang swap around instruments and vocals routinely. On this second full-length record of theirs, I've noticed more female lead vocals and more violin, both welcome adjustments. Fans will be thrilled with more of what they love, and the new material will grab even more fans at their shows.

As if a new full-length album were not enough, they are planning to do some more recording back at home over the summer and are considering releasing an EP later in the year. In the meantime, pick up a copy of Breaking Hearts and enjoy the fruits of their summer 2009 labours. Watch out for Rah Rah at the Love, Saskatchewan festival at Harbourfront on July 23rd.

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