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We Are The Take — The Naked Now

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We Are The TakeThe Naked Now
Independent; 2010
10 Tracks; CD


Review by: Sean McNamara

The Naked Now shines with catchy, but definitely not cheesy, guitar-pop songs that even the most cynical hipster will find themselves toe-tapping to.

We Are The Take, the Toronto-based foursome consisting of Erik Alcock (vocals, guitar), Craig Stickland (vocals, guitar), Andrew Hobbs (bass), and Kevin Sommerville (drums) have been making quite a name for themselves lately. The Naked Now serves as a 10 song explanation why. Tight guitar hooks bounce through some songs, catchy keys guide the melody of others, while groovy base lines carry the rest. The majority of these pop-oriented songs are under four minutes long, making the album very concise and easy to listen to.

Rocker "It's Over" is as loud as We Are The Take get, with pounding drums, great vocal harmonies, and a soaring lead guitar riff. This song was the highlight of the album to me, however there are so many other great songs that contend for that title! The opening track "Dreams" begins with creepy sounding piano, and a stomping beat, soon to be joined by Erik Alcock's inspired vocals and a soaring lead guitar. "Montreal Love Song" starts with a simple piano riff, and builds sweetly into a touching love song (surprise!). The lead guitar in "Let Me Ruin" soars in right off the top, and is joined with some great two-part vocal harmonies.

There may be a point where a few of the tracks on this album sound sort of the same, however most of The Naked Now is consistently enjoyable. We can safely add We Are The Take to the list of great Canadian indie bands. So you, the person who is in charge of the list, pay attention!