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Wintersleep — New Inheritors

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WintersleepNew Inheritors
EMI; 2010
12 Tracks; CD


Review by: Sean McNamara

Halifax's Wintersleep get bigger, more intense on their fourth album.

New Inheritors, the latest offering from Wintersleep, picks up right where 2007's highly acclaimed Welcome To The Night Sky left off. When you hear the beginning of "Experience The Jewel", with Paul Murphy (vocals, guitar) singing quietly over short, muted, guitar notes it sounds like vintage Wintersleep. However, just over a minute in, Loel Campbell (drums) adds in a pounding drum beat, which is soon joined by Mike Bigelow (bass), Tim D'Eon (guitar, keys) and Jon Samuel (keys, guitars, vocals) all creating a bouncy, loud atmospheric background that keeps building up and quieting down.

"Encyclopedia" is as energetic and loud as Wintersleep has ever been, featuring a massive guitar hook that screams all the way through the song, and very intensely delivered vocals. "Blood Collection" is a bit darker and slightly slower, with Paul Murphy delivering what could be the album's best chorus, while "New Inheritors" is more upbeat and contains a great lead guitar hook and underlying keys.

This album works so well because the band has tweaked their sound, but in minor ways that make the songs sound like bigger, louder Wintersleep songs. "Trace Decay" is a great example of this, with an upbeat base line, layered guitars throughout, haunting keys, and powerful vocals, and the driving "Mausoleum" is just as enjoyable! The frantic "Terrible Man" almost sounds like your iPod might have accidentally been set to shuffle and a different band is playing... but no, it's still Wintersleep, and more importantly, it's still great!

If you are a fan of Wintersleep because of their slower, drifting songs off earlier albums, New Inheritors may take a couple of listens to get used to. However, soon enough this album will stand out on your summer playlist.

Check out Wintersleep in concert at The Mod Club this Wednesday, May 26th, and on August 28th at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre.

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