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Tokyo Police Club — Champ

Tokyo Police ClubChamp
Dine Alone Records; 2010
11 Tracks; CD, Vinyl LP


Review by: Sean McNamara

Tokyo Police Club sharpen their songwriting skills to a very enjoyable result!

With Champ, Tokyo Police Club seems to have matured a little, and taken the foot off the gas pedal. The boys from Newmarket have taken their time with this album, and written some very well-crafted, catchy songs. Champ starts out with "Favourite Food", which begins with a lingering synth line and singer Dave Monks' familiar laid back singing style, then slowly builds to an exciting finish. "Favourite Colour" and "Breakneck Speed" contain a bit more swagger, with great hooks and sing-along choruses.

"Boots Of Danger (Wait Up)" the album's first single, ranks up with the best songs Tokyo Police Club has recorded. With a groove-filled base line, pounding drums, and plenty of "Ooooh Oooooohs" around, it's instantly enjoyable and is bound to get dance floors jumping this summer. Fans will notice that guitars are more present on this album than on Elephant Shell. Synths are still present, such as on "Bambi", however they are not relied on as heavily to carry the songs. "End Of A Spark" is another instantly infectious song, with a bouncy beat and swaying melody, it is a little more pop-oriented than some might expect from Tokyo Police Club, but to a great result.

There are a few moments that don't really stand out, but things pick right up again with the uptempo "Big Difference", and "Not Sick" is a great song to take a sunny summer stroll to. "Frankenstein" closes the album out with an atmospheric lead guitar and crashing drums.

Champ is a great album that should re-enforce Tokyo Police Club as one of Canada's best bands. They will be touring this summer, so keep an eye out... you won't want to miss them!