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Frolicking with The Retrievers

The Retrievers
The Retrievers
Article by: Lee Fraser

Sticky Magazine recently had the opportunity to chat with a new band on the scene, The Retrievers.

The Retrievers
Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, ON
March 5, 2013
11:30 pm, 19+, no cover

This is the story of a young band from Guelph, on the precipice of moving from humble beginnings to notable benchmarks. At its core is a bunch of childhood friends. A brother and a jamming buddy came along and now the band has evolved into the real deal. While playing gigs at book stores and restaurants may not be what everyone dreams of doing one day, it’s an essential step in the learning curve about sound guys, audience energy and preparing impactful set lists. With a keen focus on the quality of their sound and the energy of the show, this is a band that has developed sound judgment and is determined to make a go of it.

The Retrievers have a remarkably large portfolio of original material for a band that has only been together for a few years. The material they’ve released so far (see links below for streaming music) gives you a good impression of the broad range of styles they’ve tackled. While one song may have a reggae tinge to it, another may sound like a Newfoundland kitchen party. There’s medieval story-telling, a song about getting stoned in the garage, and my personal favourite, a song about a lonely duckbill platypus. While “Platypus” has the instantly catchy vibe that will stay with you for the rest of your life, plenty of their material has a Grateful Dead influence, with bright and cheery guitar jams and soulful choruses.

Couple the large repertoire with the fact that they are five talented musicians with great senses of humour, The Retrievers put on a strong performance. With the goal of giving folks in the audience the opportunity to get together and have a great time, the guys in the band channel their high energy to showcase the variety of their music. Even seeing the band for the first time, you will walk away with a gigantic smile and a strong desire to see them again.

If you fit into the category of never having had the pleasure of seeing this band live, March 5th is your chance in Toronto. Scoring one of those important benchmarks of a young band, The Retrievers will be playing The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern that night at 11:30 pm. Their only concern is that they just might blow the roof off and the roof has just been redone on the place. A new full-length record is in the works and is set to be released in April. With all the right pieces of the puzzle coming together, this is a band to keep on your radar.