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Chad's Choice of the Week: Folk Alliance International Conference

Folk Alliance
Folk Alliance International Conference
Article by: Chad Hutchings

Because there really are good reasons to venture out into the cold this week.

Folk Alliance International Conference
Hugh's Room and The Delta Chelsea
February 20-24, 2013

This coming week, Folk Alliance International will be storming the city with their annual conference, bringing folk artists and professionals from around the world to Toronto for a fistful of days of showcases, sessions, panels, and your general sort of fun and debauchery – but, you know, with a rootsy theme.

Of course, the week doesn't just cater to industry types. With over 200 artists kicking around the streets, there are plenty of good times planned for the common folks that actually buy the records and cheer in the crowds. Wednesday night will see the doors of the Delta Chelsea opened to the public to showcase over 30 artists on seven stages, including the likes of Tim Chaisson, Old Man Luedecke, The Wilderness Of Manitoba, and The Strumbellas, in exchange for a modest withdrawl from your wallet. And, if that's not your bag or if you just want more nights of action, there are lots of other offers on the table by way of nightly showcases a little farther west at Hugh's Room in Roncesvalles.

For full details on events open to the public, check out the listings on Folk Alliance International's site.