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Lee's Little Outliers - Deeply Rooted in Music Education

Deeply Rooted in Music Education
Deeply Rooted in Music Education
Article by: Lee Fraser

Cameron House Records presents “Deeply Rooted in Music Education”, four nights of music over four months to raise funds for a great cause.

Deeply Rooted in Music Education
Cameron House in Toronto, ON
January 12, February 23, March 30, and April 27
Doors 8:30 pm, 19+, no cover (donations appreciated)

With a solid start of eight artists having released albums, Cameron House Records is now showing their community support by hosting a fund-raiser for The Regent Park School of Music. The school was started up by a lawyer and a priest back in 1999 with a goal of providing music education to kids in need, with the belief that music can empower and motivate youth.  Supporting the whole project is a good fit for the Cameron House, given its support of so many young musicians in Toronto.  It’s a smart move to get those musicians to convince the crowds to open their pocket books.

The series starts Saturday, January 12 with the veterans of the group.  Big Tobacco & The Pickers kick the whole thing off.   Jamie Oliver, the gregarious band-leader, not the chef, leads a big and happy group of travelling minstrels through great old foot-stomping originals.  They’ll be followed up by David Baxter, a musician who has been behind many Toronto productions and showcases his song-writing and guitar skills on his own tunes.

The remaining nights of the series (February 23, March 30, and April 27, all Saturdays) feature the remaining Cameron House Records alumni.

The February 23 show features the label’s two country music mavens, Whitney Rose and Kayla Howran. While both of these artists have great voices and great song-writing skills, the evening will showcase Whitney’s ability to wrench your heart, appropriately followed by Kayla’s knack for getting you drinking.

The show on March 30 kicks off with Rattlesnake Choir, a band who re-released “Walkin’ the Wire” on vinyl with Cameron House Records. With unusual choices for percussion as well as washboards and slinkies, this band plays heart-felt down-home music and puts on a great show. On the same bill is the variety pack that is Samantha Martin.

The Devin Cuddy Band leads the April 27th show, which closes out with Tarantuela. The perfect way to end the series, these are two bands that are incredibly talented and put on great entertaining shows. Devin’s New Orleans influenced piano-based songs will have you swaying along, while Tarantuela will rock the night out on a high note.

All nights are no cover, but a donation to The Regent Park School of Music is encouraged. Every night promises to be a good time, and it’s for such a great cause, surely you will find yourself at more than one.