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Lee's Little Outliers - Shuffle Demons

Shuffle Demons
Shuffle Demons
Article by: Lee Fraser

An iconic Toronto band at an iconic Toronto venue.

Shuffle Demons
The Orbit Room in Toronto, ON
Mondays – December 10 and 17
Doors 9 pm, Show starts at 10 pm, 19+, cover $10

There is something very fitting about the Shuffle Demons playing at the Orbit Room for a month of Mondays. Both the band and the bar have stood the test of time over decades of Toronto music. Both are entities that are not even trying to impress anyone. And both are decked out … well…. a little outside of the norm.

The Orbit Room was founded by Alex Lifeson of Rush and Tim Notter almost 20 years ago. Nestled in amongst martini and wine bars, the Orbit Room makes no attempts to be trendy or fashionable. You climb up a set of dark, narrow stairs to enter a room full of stars and planets and lava lamps. At the far end of the celestial space is a small square of a stage.

The Shuffle Demons are in the midst of a five week residency there.  The band achieved massive success as independent musicians with their 1986 hit “Spadina Bus”. They won a bunch of CASBY awards (yes, the CASBYs existed back then) and the video was in heavy rotation on Much Music. The fun continued with hits like “Get Out Of My House, Roach” and a jazzy version of the “Hockey Night In Canada” theme.

Though there have been some changes to the original line-up, the same crazy spirit exists and the same great music emanates. The Shuffle Demons are a stage full of fun; so much fun that they usually cannot contain themselves and wind up spilling into the audience. What you can certainly expect at the Monday night shows at the Orbit Room: snazzy suits, sing-alongs and dancing all over the place.

There are only two Mondays left to their residency at the Orbit Room, so get on the bus.