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Lee's Little Outliers - The Kandinsky Effect

The Kandinsky Effect
The Kandinsky Effect
Article by: Lee Fraser

Check out The Kandinsky Effect to get a taste of worldly modern age jazz.

The Kandinsky Effect
The Rex in Toronto, ON
Wednesday, December 5 and Thursday, December 6
Show starts at 9:30 pm, Cover $10

If you’ve ever wondered why all those hip jazz students flock to The Rex when someone from out of town is playing, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to see for yourself during the first week of December.  The Kandinsky Effect are a trio from Brooklyn and Paris who compose and perform fun and funky jazz.  Having been exposed to very vibrant music scenes in their development, this is a band that draws on many influences.   At times, they sound a bit like a rock band, at times it’s as if they are borrowing from the soul and R&B catalogue.   But at the heart of it all, they are serious jazz musicians.

The band is comprised of Warren Walker on electronically spiced up saxophone, Gael Petrina on bass with more pedals and dials than many guitarists, and Caleb Dolister on drums.  Each of them being internationally recognized in their own rights, it’s a rare opportunity to see them perform together in this project they named after a visual artist whose work has many similarities to their musical artistry.

About a dozen of their tunes are streaming on their web site (link below). Give them a listen and then make the wise decision to go see them perform live. The energy of such a talented jazz band playing an out of town gig can make for a very memorable night.

The Kandinsky Effect are playing two nights at The Rex, December 5 and 6.