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The Ascot Royals Debut Album Release

The Ascot Royals
Article by: Pete Nema

After months in the studio recording and touring Canada, The Ascot Royals are releasing their debut album Don't Let It Stop You on Saturday, November 17th at the El Mocambo.

This band is known for their hooky riffs and supersonic energy on stage, and with their new songs already receiving praise, this live show should be more fun than a box full of kittens.

To warm you up for the release show, have a listen to this new track "Defoe".

Track listing:

  1. We're All Fine
  2. Defoe
  3. Do It All Again
  4. Buttercup
  5. Think You're Better
  6. Stray
  7. Wolves
  8. Get Over Yourself
  9. Dr. Jekyll
  10. Treading Water