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Lee's Little Outliers: Kayla Howran

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Kayla Howran
Article by: Lee Fraser

Kayla Howran comes home to the Cameron House the first Friday of every month.

Kayla Howran
Cameron House in Toronto, ON
First Friday of every Month
Show starts at 10 pm, 19+, Pay What You Can

There's this assumption that country music belongs in, say, Alberta, or… Texas. Though it may not be at the forefront of the Toronto music scene, there’s a fairly strong country music scene in this city. A big part of that scene these days comes in a very small package.

Kayla Howran is about 5 foot nothin', is frequently seen wearing cowboy boots and plays a guitar with a body bigger than her own. From this tiny persona on stage comes this honkin' big voice. Kayla recently released her first CD, Pistol — the first album, it must be noted, to be produced by the year-old Cameron House Records label. The CD, and her live performance, is littered with songs about heartbreak and lots and lots of booze.

The Cameron House, being a very well-dressed star of her own, is the perfect home for Kayla. She's played the Cameron almost every Friday for more than a year, working on this material and building a fan base. Now that she has settled into a more "mature" once-a-month booking, she'll have time to do some touring and the shows at the Cameron will have a home-coming aura.

If you're under the impression that nobody's writing good country songs anymore, come out to the Cameron House and let Kayla prove you wrong.

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