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Lee's Little Outliers: Alysha and the Brilltones

Alysha and the Brilltones
Alysha and the Brilltones
Article by: Lee Fraser

Alysha Brillinger and Toronto jazz musicians play every Thursday in the cozy Reservoir Lounge.

Alysha and the Brilltones
 Reservoir Lounge in Toronto, ON
Show starts at 9:45 pm, 19+, $5 cover

You might be under the impression that jazz musicians are very serious. They improvise and sprinkle quotes through a tune like rum on Grandma's fruitcake.  They exchange knowing looks and make the slightest adjustment to their instruments.

But a Thursday night at the Reservoir Lounge is a different matter. Alysha Brillenger has assembled a group of the most laid back and accessible jazz musicians in the city. Alysha sings jazz standards with a hint of Amy Winehouse in her voice. Backing her are the likes of the Juhas brothers, Tom on guitar and Sly on drums, Allison Young on sax, Mike Carson on stand-up bass, and Toronto's boogie woogie king, Tyler Yarema, on piano. Between sets, the guys in the band just hang out by the bar with easy smiles anytime someone from the audience approaches them with kudos or questions.

The Reservoir Lounge is likely the closest thing Toronto has to a Manhattan jazz club. It sits in the basement of a century old building across Wellington from the famous flatiron building. The walls are brick and the décor involves a lot of wood. The place is so small that everyone in every seat is close to the stage and the sound is clear without being overpowering in the small space.

If you don't know much about jazz but you’ve always wanted to check it out, Thursday nights at the Reservoir Lounge is a great way to start.