Recommendations Upcoming Shows Chad's Choice of the Week: Paper Lions at Supermarket

Chad's Choice of the Week: Paper Lions at Supermarket

Paper Lions
Paper Lions
Article by: Chad Hutchings

This week's most promising show is also the week's best deal.

Paper Lions
Wednesday, September 28th
  $5 at door, 19+

If you're looking for a way to break up the week, the latest choice should turn out to be a great show to get you over the hump.

That is, as long as you're looking to see some high-energy, high-talent indie rock on stage. You see, to wrap up a month-long run as the feature act for Supermarket's weekly Wednesdays Go Pop! Series, PEI's Paper Lions will be tearing things up for a whopping five dollars at the door.

If you don't already know their work, take a look below to get yourself a little taste. And, if that doesn't completely sell you, the act will also be joined on the bill by Lou Canon and LOOM. At three bands for a fiver, you'd have to scour the late-night infomercials to find a better bang for your buck.