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Pinball Sessions One Year Anniversary

Pinball Sessions One Year Anniversary
Article by: Lee Fraser

It’s been one busy and productive year, so come on out and celebrate the success of Pinball Sessions with a great line-up at Handlebar.

Pinball Sessions One Year Anniversary
Handlebar in Toronto, ON
Saturday, May 31, 2014
Doors 9:00 pm, 19+, $10 at the door

Who doesn’t love pinball? And with this tidy fact, a concept was born. Pinball Sessions started a year ago, the pet project of Daniel Cooper. The idea was to give up-and-coming artists an outlet to share their music, to network and gain exposure. The sessions are recorded in a house full of pinball machines and character in the beautiful town of Guelph. Just driving along the riverside parkland and into the neighbourhood of rolling hills is inspiring enough for any band to lay down a great representation of their sound.

The web site has the session recordings of more than a hundred artists, and they recently started adding video, as well. With just enough of a bio to pique your interest, written by Daniel himself, the site can be a great way to while away a few hours and discover something new.  Amongst the recent sessions:  DIANA, PUP, Hooded Fang, and Odonis Odonis.  Masterful production by Dan Beeson (part-time pinball machine fiend/mechanic) ensures that these straight-off-the-floor recording sessions are high quality while maintaining all of the energy of a live show.

The other aspect of Pinball Sessions is the live shows that they put on. Featuring a range of genres (anything from folk to hard core) and plenty o’ pinball machines, their parties are the perfect mash up of fun and games. The interesting thing about Pinball Sessions parties is the far-reaching network of Daniel and his mother, Shawna. They’ve got a keen sense for making apt suggestions to musicians and industry folk alike on who they should speak to or what they should check out. Both of them have incredible memories for names and projects and work their parties like well-oiled marketing machines.

Speaking of parties, they are hosting not one, but four parties to celebrate their first year anniversary. It is hard to believe that they have racked up so many accomplishments in just one year, but this is the tenacity and far-reaching community of this little organization. There will be anniversary parties in Winnipeg, Ottawa, Guelph and Toronto. All will take place on Saturday, May 31 and all will feature a mélange of styles. The line-up for the Toronto show includes Eamon McGrath, Blastronaut and Badminton Racquet. Come on out and meet up with some old pals you’ve never met before.