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The Zolas, PUP, and a Story About Hollerado

The Zolas, PUP, and a Story About Hollerado
Article by: Pete Nema

If you don't know why you should be at Hollerado this Friday, Septemeber 13th at the Danforth Music Hall, YOU HAVEN'T BEEN LISTENING. What you may not already know is that you should get there super early so that you can catch both of the opening bands: PUP and The Zolas.

The Zolas, PUP
Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, ON
Friday, September 13, 2013
Doors at 7:00pm, Show at 8:00pm. All-Ages, $15.50 - $19.50

Some tickets are still available.

PUP was recently signed by Royal Mountain Records, Hollerado's own label. I personally think it's a great match. This is a band that emits true punk from the heart. I've seen them twice, both in tiny venues, and they absolutely got the adrenaline flowing. And, by the way, it's not just me; Stereogum named them a "Band To Watch". The Grid did a similar thing. It will be interesting to see them take over the big stage at the Danforth Music Hall. So... get there in time to see this band. They go on at 8:00pm.

If you don't know The Zolas yet, you should. They are, as far as I can tell, gaining popularity almost entirely through word-of-mouth. That's how I found out about them, and that's how Hollerado found out about them. The difference between me and Hollerado is that Hollerado decided to add them to a bill (not that I wouldn't). The band plays infectious rock... catchy, upbeat, and performed well. Lots of great tunes like "Strange Girl", "Marlaina Kamikaze", and "Local Swan". Because they are Vancouver, the opportunity to see them in Toronto is somewhat limited. So, you know, get there early, okay? Are we in agreement yet?

You already know Hollerado, so instead I'm just going to tell you a little story. The very first time I saw Hollerado was back in 2008 and after the show, Menno Versteeg (vocals, guitar) approached me in an attempt to sell CDs out of his coat, in a hey-buddy-you-wanna-buy-something-illegal kind of way. It was a really good set, so I bought the CD for $5. The CD was called Demo In A Bag, and that's exactly what it was; a demo CD in a baggie. Apparently the last track on the CD (in my case, track 33) is different depending on the colour. My "hidden" track is a song called "Out Of Luck". If you look at the picture below, you'll notice two things:

  1. It's a numbered CD (76/500) and was initialled by Jake Boyd (drums).
  2. Printed around the edge, it says "to pay for than five bucks for this cd is to be ripped off". Whew, just cleared that one.

Maybe someday, if you're lucky, I'll show you my Hollerado hand-illustrated Dixie cup from 2009 from which I got to enjoy a tasty shot.

Go to the show on Friday. I have trouble imagining that it will be "just another show". If I know the Hollerado boys like I think I do, there may be a few surprises, stories, and other good stuff.

Hollerado - Demo In A Bag

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