Recommendations Music A Recommendation for This Slow Saturday: Le Roi Crocodile

A Recommendation for This Slow Saturday: Le Roi Crocodile

Le Roi Crocodile
Le Roi Crocodile
Article by: Sofie Mikhaylova 

Talented electro-teen Le Roi Crocodile leaves much to the imagination.

All the public seems to know about him is that he is 16 (possibly 17 by now), from Vancouver, and super skilled at making “bedroom music” - that is, essentially, music to lie in your bedroom to.

You know, music for when you lie on your bed at four in the afternoon, school is out, the sun is high, and it’s summertime, but your curtains are drawn and you just can’t force yourself to get up. You feel alright, but it’s just not your day. You’ve fed your turtle and there’s nothing else to do; you’ve cancelled plans, called in sick to work. Listen to this. Stop trying to find Elvis’ face in the ceiling and listen.

This is music to stay indoors to.

With lyrics half-sung and half-rapped, along with a great sense of rhythm, Le Roi Crocodile has captured us inside the cocoons of our houses. Soft bass creates a lo-fi sound that’s almost pop-like, but drawn back with the slowness of several of the tracks, then brought back with the fast-tempo hook on “Youth Decay”.

Though he only has four tunes out on his SoundCloud now, we’re promised a new EP soon (as soon as Le Roi recovers from losing his voice).

If “Battles” and “Youth Decay” are anything to go by, the EP should be incredible, and I can’t wait to see what Le Roi Crocodile comes out with next. If you’re a fan of chillwave electronic, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re not, you might be pleasantly surprised.