Recommendations Music A Cup of Kindness Yet - Hey Rosetta! Releases a New Holiday EP

A Cup of Kindness Yet - Hey Rosetta! Releases a New Holiday EP

Hey Rosetta! - EP
Hey Rosetta!
Article by: Lee Fraser

A look at the recent holiday EP from Hey Rosetta!.

It's never too late to buy good quality holiday music. By this time, everyone could use a little less of the classics, and the Christmas releases of 2012 are looking a bit bleak. Step in Hey Rosetta! and the EP they have released titled A Cup Of Kindness Now.

This EP gives the rest of the world a little taste of the band’s annual holiday shows played in their home province, a combination of their own material and Christmas carols. “O Come O Come Emanuel” is normally a very sombre number sung by a choir. The band leads you to believe that their rendition will be faithful to that standard, but there’s a hearty dose of rocking guitar to give it a new spin.

The opening track is very typical of Hey Rosetta!, but with a beautiful Christmas-y twist. The lyrics by Tim Baker are so vivid that you feel yourself yearning to get home just as strongly as the narrator. The instrumentation of Hey Rosetta! is perfectly suited to holiday tunes, between the strings, the glockenspiel and the heavenly vocal harmonies. The closing track is an original song about celebrating the New Year that morphs into "Auld Lang Syne". Throw your arm around whoever happens to be next to you and belt it out with Tim.

So stop your "Bah Humbug"; attitude towards Christmas music and get yourself this EP. And if you're already a fan of Hey Rosetta!, this is an absolute necessity.

Track listing:

  1. Carry Me Home
  2. O Come O Come Emmanuel
  3. The First Snow
  4. New Year Song