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The Tallest Man on Earth - There's No Leaving Now

The Tallest Man in Earth
The Tallest Man on Earth - There's No Leaving Now
Article by: Melissa Adamson

There’s No Leaving Now is a simple yet stunning album from Swedish folk artist The Tallest Man on Earth.

Consisting of little more than his vocals and acoustic guitar, Kristian Matsson bares his soul on There's No Leaving Now, captivating with  passionate vocals and intricate guitar playing. His lyrics, full of metaphors and romantic imagery, serve as a frame for the music, and it's the expression in his voice, rather than the complicated lyrics, which give the listener the emotional cues they need to follow the songs.

This is an album that flows seamlessly. While I find myself replaying the more upbeats songs “Revelations Blues”, “1904” and “Winds and Walls” I get lost in the sound of “Leading me Now” and “Little Brother”, pausing to absorb the lyrics. However, “There’s No Leaving Now” is the song that really grabs your attention and where his vocals seem to stand out the most. The opening track highlights the album’s theme of wanting to stay in one place to deal with ones fears and ultimately the hopefulness that can come out of that.

It is easy to compare Matsson to Bob Dylan, but difficult to compare him to anyone else. There are similarities in their sound, but Matheson is simply too extraordinary in his own right to be written off as a Dylan copy. If you are a lover of folk music, it is hard to deny how special this album is, and it only gets better with time. I have not treasured an album quite like this before, so turn it on, let it linger and then replay it again.