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Free EP from Town Hall

Town Hall - EP
Town Hall
Article by: Lee Fraser

Free EP from Brooklyn Newbies, Town Hall.

Town Hall is a self-proclaimed "adventurous indie folk band" from Brooklyn, New York. Their five-track EP is available for download (free!) in anticipation of their full-length album, set to be released mid-March. The EP is titled (appropriate to this online magazine in particular) Sticky Notes & Paper Scraps.

The band's sound is very economical: there's no drum fills or rhythm guitar here, nothing without a distinct purpose. These are sparse arrangements of many instruments (guitar, banjo, mandolin, strings, winds, piano and percussion). The sparseness ensures that the focus is on the vocals, and subsequently, the lyrics. Town Hall use interesting phrasing and play up the interplay between male and female ethereal voices to highlight the stories they tell.

One good example: the song "Mary A. Longden". Town Hall take a gravestone with a birth date of 1865 and no date of death and explore the idea of Mary being alive today. Approaching 150 years old, wouldn't it be reasonable that everyone would want to know her secret?

With it's careful string arrangements and memorable melodies, the EP is a perfect soundtrack for hibernating on a cold and blustery day.

Having knocked off a few yellow lines - they toured the west coast of the US last June and the northeast US last October - Town Hall will be primed for leaving their homeland and playing to the ever-supportive indie folk fans here in Canada. They are hoping to book some Canadian dates on their up-coming summer tour.

Track listing:

  1. Just Watching My Breath
  2. Alright
  3. Pandora
  4. Mary A. Longden
  5. Charlie