Recommendations Music Revelstoke's Esprit D'Escalier, Free for the Taking

Revelstoke's Esprit D'Escalier, Free for the Taking

Article by: Chad Hutchings

If you're looking for the perfect album to play while you spend your summer afternoons laying lazily in the park, finding shapes in the clouds and soaking up the sun, then look no further.

Last week brought the release of Esprit D'Escalier, a 7-song EP from Revelstoke, the one-man experimental folk effort from Toronto's Andrew Seale. From writing to mixing and for every step in between, Seale fostered the release on his own, only opening the door for a single female voice that finds its way in to accompany his own hushed vocals for a single track. 

When his hands aren't busy drawing a bow over his guitar strings, Seale is kept busy with a mandolin and a banjo, weaving what could be described best as an exercise in nostalgia. The EP has a way of drawing you in for an understanding hug, like recovering some lost childhood memory of the first time you really noticed the girl next door. Light and carefree at times, moving and heartbreaking at others, Esprit D'Escalier is raw, slightly sedated, and unusually beautiful.

If you still don't think there's reason enough to check out the release, here's the kicker: Revelstoke is offering Esprit D'Escalier free to download here on his Bandcamp page.

And, when it turns out that you like what you hear, you can also catch Revelstoke play a free show on August 16th at The Horseshoe Tavern.

Track listing:

  1. For Those Of You In Revelstoke!
  2. We Stood Staring At Lights
  3. A Certain Artist's Judgement
  4. In My Own Defense
  5. It Will Be Difficult Now (La Fête)
  6. Roots That Curl Like Lips
  7. Song For Anya (Cause You Can't Be Here)