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The Balconies — Kill Count 7" EP

The Balconies
The Balconies — Kill Count 7" EP

Article by: Lee Fraser

Following a bit of a trend these days, The Balconies are releasing a 7" vinyl EP scheduled for release on June 14th.

Rather than wait until there's an album worth of material, with each song polished enough for mass consumption, bands are making the decision to release a few songs on the increasingly popular vinyl. By doing this, fans get the chance to take home what's been developing on stage and get to learn the new material before seeing them play again.

My first experience with The Balconies happened by way of Hollerado. Playing a small gig at The Piston following the CASBYs, their lead singer was looking for volunteers to come up and sing a few covers. Jacquie Neville (lead vocals, guitar) was the first person to get up on stage to join the guys for a Fleetwood Mac song. With the kind of voice that makes the chatter stop, there was not one person in the bar who wasn't gazing up at the stage and thinking "Wow! Who is that?"

This outstanding voice is showcased on "Tiger", one of two tracks on the Kill Count 7" EP. With a bit of a ska feeling courtesy of Jacquie’s brother Steven Neville (bass) and their drummer Liam Jaeger, this is a dreamy, seductive tune.

The other track on the EP is stronger in layering sounds over Jacquie’s great voice, delivering the lyric in staccato style. While "Tiger" comes across as a song about a racy obsession, "Kill Count" has a much more cryptic lyric. This song may be about sex or it could be about murder; "push down and up, it's not that hard". Half-way through the song, Jacquie definitely gets mischievous in her singing, leading me to think it might just be an innocent song about messing around with a Ouija board.

If you haven't seen The Balconies yet, you'll have a chance during North by Northeast. If you like what you see and hear, The Balconies are a great band to follow. With fairly frequent gigs around town, usually paired up with great Toronto acts, you would do well to add The Balconies to the list of bands not to miss.

You can listen to The Balconies Kill Count 7" EP right now, streaming from the website.