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Folly & the Hunter - Tragic Care

Folly and the Hunter
Folly & the Hunter
Article by: Sofia Mikhaylova

A Montreal-formed trio with members stretching from all over (Montreal, Vancouver, and England), Folly & the Hunter do a remarkable job of coming together to create a harmony of contemporary indie tunes that can be played on repeat over and over again, unforgettably.

Nick Vallee, Chris Fox, and Laurie Torres blend together and bleed together; their music strikes as so deeply personal, as a soundtrack to growing up, finding a sound, finding yourself.

Folly & the Hunter have spread their indie folk-pop souls across North America, hitting like spears in the hearts of their listeners, softened a little by their thoughtful lyrics and evenly played guitars. It may blend so well, because the band is more than just three bandmates - they're friends, they're family, and their perfect choruses reflect that musical closeness. They've made warm, slow music to walk around to - warm, yet just slightly chilly enough to capture that perfect autumn breeze, gusting through your windbreaker.

They've recently released their second album, Tragic Care, which you can find here. It's a melodious collection of songs and sounds about dealing with the effects of different kinds of sadness - a unification of the pain all three band members were experiencing during the time of recording. It's a little aching to listen to, but for the best. All albums are made for a reason - this one was made for more.

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