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Busking For CHANGE 2010

Ron Hawkins
Busking For CHANGE 2010
The Streets of Toronto, ON
September 21, 2010

Photos by: Robert Ciolfi, Amanda Fotes, Pete Nema, Julie Lavelle

September 21st was International Peace Day — a perfect day for War Child Canada to schedule their annual Busking For CHANGE event.

For one day, a variety of artists busk on the streets of downtown Toronto to raise both awareness and money for the War Child effort. The event was started in 2007 by Raine Maida (of Our Lady Peace), who set out with two goals: To raise $30,000 for War Child and at the same time make a music video for his then solo hit song Yellow Brick Road. It was a success, and in the following year many more artists joined the cause creating the first official Busking for CHANGE eveny. Now in its third official year, Raine Maida hit the street corners one again, along with many other bands.

Between us, we managed to catch sets by The Artist Life, Ashes, Birds Of Wales, Brian Melo, Dane Hartsell, Darren Glover (Flash Lightnin'), Gentleman Reg, Gentlemen Husbands, The Johnstones, The Junction, Kate Todd, Make Your Exit, Michou, The Midway State, The Reason, Robyn Dell'Unto, Ron Hawkins, Ruby Coast, Saint Alvia, Sandman Viper Command, The Schomberg Fair, The Shuffle Demons, Teenage Kicks, theset, and of course, Raine Maida.

Although the event is over, War Child is still accepting donations (as I'm sure they always are). You can donate online, in support of your favourite artist, right from Busking for CHANGE website.

Ron Hawkins   The Artist Life   The Artist Life   Ashes   Ashes   Birds Of Wales   Brian Melo   Brian Melo   Dane Hartsell   Dane Hartsell   Dane Hartsell   Darren Glover (Flash Lightnin')   Gentleman Reg   Gentleman Reg   Gentlemen Husbands   The Johnstones   The Johnstones   The Junction   The Junction   The Junction   Kate Todd   Kate Todd   Make Your Exit   Make Your Exit   Michou   Michou   The Midway State   The Midway State   The Midway State   The Reason   The Reason   The Reason   The Reason   Robyn Dell'Unto   Robyn Dell'Unto   Ron Hawkins   Ron Hawkins   Ruby Coast   Ruby Coast   Ruby Coast   Ruby Coast   Saint Alvia   Saint Alvia   Saint Alvia   Sandman Viper Command   Sandman Viper Command   The Schomberg Fair   The Schomberg Fair   The Shuffle Demons   The Shuffle Demons   Teenage Kicks   Teenage Kicks   theset  

Raine Maida

Raine Maida played a number of different sets throughout the day, and photographers Julie Lavelle, Amanda Fotes, and Robert Ciolfi all caught different sets of his during the day.

Raine Maida   Raine Maida   Raine Maida   Raine Maida   Raine Maida   Raine Maida   Raine Maida   Raine Maida   Raine Maida   Raine Maida   Raine Maida   Raine Maida  

The Reason - "Dreams"

One aspect of Busking For CHANGE is that the artists tend to play cover songs that you wouldn't normally get to hear them play. While The Reason was outside the Horseshoe Tavern, they played this cover of the Fleetwood Mac song "Dreams".