News Videos New video from Kalle Mattson, "Thick as Thieves"

New video from Kalle Mattson, "Thick as Thieves"

Kalle Mattson
New Video from Kalle Mattson, "Thick as Thieves"
Article by: Natalia Buia

For the five-piece Ottawa outfit Kalle Mattson, all it takes to make a great music video is $250, your best friend and about one tree's worth of paper.

The guys got together with their high school best friend Kevin Perry to make the stop motion animation "Thick as Thieves", a single off their new album Anchors. Using only paper and fabric a la Salvation Army, the band sums up the history of the Earth in less than four minutes. Looks like the slackers in History class can get away with not studying for the mid-term again!

Because it's already doing so well on the world wide web – it was on the front page of Vimeo for two weeks, gathering over 300,000 views – the band's offering a free download of Anchors for a limited time only. There's no reason to be feeling a thief here.