News Videos Little Foot Long Foot — Sell Out While You Can

Little Foot Long Foot — Sell Out While You Can

Little Foot Long Foot
Little Foot Long Foot — "Sell Out While You Can"
Article by: Pete Nema

Little Foot Long Foot aren't new to the Toronto music scene, but with their latest LP Oh, Hell, they display new swagger, and this new video for "Sell Out While You Can" is a perfect example of what they now have to offer.

The original two members, Joan Smith (vocals, guitar) and Isaac Klein (drums), are now joined by a third member, Caitlin Dacey (organ), to help create a fuller sound. The album was produced by Ian Blurton (of C'Mon and Change Of Heart) so it should be no surprise that these recordings display the full-force that this three piece now has to offer.

Below you can watch the "Sell Out While You Can" video and if you like what you hear, I have no doubt you will enjoy the full album — it became available on June 28th. The price of the album is worth the title of track #3 alone (yes, I know, you can read the title for free, but... buy it).

Track listing:

  1. Nothing
  2. Fugato
  3. Neko Case Hate Fucks Kurt Cobain
  4. Missing The Point
  5. Kickface
  6. Sell Out While You Can
  7. May
  8. She Looks To You
  9. Eff That
  10. Sensual Pounding