News Videos Hey Rosetta! Release Video for 'Yer Spring'

Hey Rosetta! Release Video for 'Yer Spring'

Hey Rosetta!
Hey Rosetta! - "Yer Spring"
Article by: Pete Nema

Today Hey Rosetta! released a video for "Yer Spring", a song from their upcoming album, Seeds, to be released on February 15th.

The song is the second track from the album to hit the internet recently, the first one being "Welcome" which can be heard on their website. A few other songs can be found in alternate versions on YouTube. The video for "Yer Spring" includes shots from live performances in St. John's over the holiday season, with some odd clips interspersed throughout. Be on the lookout for "underwear on the outside".

Track listing for Seeds:

  1. Seeds
  2. Yer Spring
  3. Young Glass
  4. Bricks
  5. New Sum
  6. Downstairs
  7. Welcome
  8. Seventeen
  9. Yer Fall
  10. Parson Brown
  11. Bandages