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The Golden Dogs Are Making Home Movies

The Golden Dogs
The Golden Dogs
Article by: Natalia Buia

When one mentions home movies you’d probably think of something dirty, recorded in night vision. Well, it's time to get your head out of the gutter because when it comes to The Golden Dogs, their own "Home Movie" gets a gold star in originality and performance.

The 5 piece Toronto band, known for their over-the-top shows, are taking the energy fans see on stage and transferring it to film. Back in July, the band invited a camera crew to film them playing their entire new album, Coat of Arms, in their living room. Each Monday for the next 10 weeks, they’ll be releasing a video performance of each song on the album, which is available in stores now.

You can watch the first two parts right here on Sticky Magazine, below. Part one includes "Darkroom" and "Cheap Umbrellas", and part two is "Travel Time". Check their website next Monday for another installment. Better yet, "Like" them on Facebook, subscribe to them on YouTube, and/or follow them on Twitter for updates.

Dave Azzolini (guitar, vocals) shares his enthusiasm for this project with Sticky Magazine: "We feel that this film can represent us more accurately than any conventional video could, and the fact that it's all live versions will hopefully inspire people to get the album proper," he says, "we put a lot of love into the packaging."

If you haven't seen this high-powered band live, I suggest you start with their home movies. You're in for a treat.