News News Constantines Frontman Bryan Webb Debuts Solo Album

Constantines Frontman Bryan Webb Debuts Solo Album

Bryan Webb
Constantines Frontman Bryan Webb Debuts Solo Album
Article by: Natalia Buia

Any die-hard fan of the Constantines can remember where they were when they got news of the band's infinite hiatus last year.

Many clenched their copies of Kensington Heights as they heard lead singer and guitarist Bryan Webb admit to CBC Radio 3 that it was time to "focus on other things". Since the break-up, Webb relocated to Guelph, keeping busy with his side project, The Harbour Coats, which he described nonchalantly as "music for love-making".

Now, the lead singer of one of Canada's beloved indie bands is flying solo and hopefully landing on a pile of good reviews with his solo effort, Provider. The album has a release date of November 15 and until then, Webb will be supporting Feist on her highly anticipated Canadian Tour. Because Webb lent a lot of vocals on her upcoming album, Metals, he'll also be performing alongside the songbird at the Glenn Gould Studio as part of CBC's 75th anniversary celebration on Saturday, October 8.

If that’s still not enough of a Cons fix for you, head over to the Horseshoe Tavern on Sunday, October 9 to catch ex-Constantines members perform fresh material with new bands including Baby Eagle. There are rumours swirling of a surprise Cons set, so if I were you I wouldn’t miss it for the world.