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Tokyo Police Club Cover Up

Tokyo Police Club
Tokyo Police Club Cover Up
Article by: Natalia Buia

After two albums, two EPs and a couple solo projects in between, Tokyo Police Club have something else to keep them on their toes.

The band, wanting to explore their boundaries, will be recording ten cover songs in ten days. The ambitious project will begin at 12:00pm PST on Tuesday, August 23rd in Los Angeles as they record ten substantial cover songs from 2001-2010. They will have ten hours to record each song, and the songs will premiere online the following morning through various publications (Alternative Press, ARTIST Direct, Entertainment Weekly, FILTER, Mashable, The Onion AV Club, and Spinner).

Have a look for the first song (Entertainment Weekly should work) at 1:00pm EST on Wednesday, August 24. The final song will be premiered on Saturday, September 3.