News News Bruce Peninsula Launches the Bruce Trail Fire Sale

Bruce Peninsula Launches the Bruce Trail Fire Sale

Bruce Peninsula
Bruce Peninsula
Article by: Chad Hutchings

Toronto's indie-folk ensemble kicks off a project to bring new content steadily through spring, summer, and deep into fall.


As a successor to their Polaris Prize-nominated debut LP, Bruce Peninsula's second release was originally slotted to follow this winter's end. Unfortunately, things didn't turn out as planned.

Entitled Open Flame, the group's sophomore effort took shape over the second half of 2010. Disastrously, just as the holiday season came and as mastering was finally completed on the recording, frontman Neil Haverty was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia, and the album was set to the side in the face of this new, greater trial. 

Now, after a winter of long, arduous treatment, Haverty has reclaimed his health and is officially in remission. With this, plans to release Open Flame and to arrange a supporting tour are back on the table for the fall.

Until autumn comes, though, Bruce Peninsula isn't going to leave fans high and dry. In an effort dubbed the Bruce Trail Fire Sale, the group will be releasing a series of b-sides on their website that will include covers, live videos, originals, and an array of other unique material. With new content being uploaded every  couple of weeks until the new album is released, fans would be wise to check back to frequently for more exclusive music. 

For your first taste, take a listen below to the leading track up for grabs — a cover of "The Swimming Song" by Loudon Wainwright III