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The Details' Lost Art About To Be Found

The Details
The Details
Article by: Natalia Buia

Every band dreams of being discovered in Texas when asked to play the SxSW Festival, right? Hey, it worked for The White Stripes and Franz Ferdinand. For Winnipeg's The Details, fate took a different course.

Jon Plett (vocals, guitar) Keli Martin (bass), Sean Vidal (guitar) and Shaun Gibson (drums), had a chance encounter with the legendary producer Kim Fowley (Kiss, Alice Cooper) who, upon hearing their 2007 album, Draw a Distance, Draw a Border, wanted to fly the foursome to California to record more songs. However, when it came down to creating and completing their new album, Lost Art, the band chose to stay at home and create the record on their own terms, looking up to Brandon Reid, engineer for The National and Stephen Carroll, guitarist for The Weakerthans to produce. Both talents spent 12 days helping the band record new material, which is now scheduled to hit shelves on May 31.

"We'd play a song a certain way for three months and then flip it on its head," says Sean Vidal. "It took us three years to refine the songs the way we wanted them."

The songs found on Lost Art are simple, moving indie-pop compositions that will surely gain everyone's attention once again, including Kim Fowley. Head on over to their website to hear their new track "Weightless in the Dark" and to pre-order the new album.