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Free Music - CMF 2011 Mix Tapes

CMF 2011 Mix Tapes
Free Music - CMF 2011 Mix Tapes
Article by: Pete Nema

Canadian Music Fest 2011 is now just a couple of days away, and if you're looking for how to best spend your concert-going time, perhaps these mix tapes of free music will help you with some decisions.

The fine people over at Audio Blood have put together an amazing mix tape that includes a track from every Audio Blood artist that is playing during Canadian Music Fest 2011. If you're counting, that's 16 songs by 16 different artists, including Brett Caswell, The Balconies, Make Your Exit, Gentlemen Husbands, Sandman Viper Command, Huron, and on and on. Get it in exchange for your email address.


Two Way Monologues offers up a 13 track mix tape, including music by Old Crowns, Dora Alexander, Raised By Swans, Pick A Piper and lots more. All of these bands will be hitting the stage at the Rancho Relaxo during CMF, so if you like them, you know where to go.

And lastly, The Musebox, is also offering up 16 free songs, including some great songs by Paper Lions, Zoobombs, Allie Hughes, and lots more (many of which I haven't heard yet). Download away!