News News Okkervil River Announces a Spring Release

Okkervil River Announces a Spring Release

Okkervil River
Okkervil River
Article by: Chad Hutchings

After a wait of nearly three years since the release of the melancholic The Stand Ins, Okkervil River fans learned this week that a sixth studio record is on the horizon.

Entitled I Am Very Far, news of the upcoming album was first widely heard on Monday as the band was introduced for a performance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Although specifics on the album are hard to come by, it's said that the new recording involves the broadest array of instrumentals that Okkervil River has ever employed, with contributing artists showing up by the double digits to squeeze into studios in New York, Texas, and Connecticut.

With lead singer Will Sheff recently returning from a year-long hiatus spent working with a number of high-profile artists, it wouldn't be surprising to see some familiar names in the liner notes. And, of course, this is all the more conceivable after seeing the band accompanied by A.C. Newman and members of The Roots on Monday's show while performing the album's first single, “Wake And Be Fine.”

Their recent late-night performance can be seen below, and don't forget to check back for a full review when I Am Very Far sees its official release on May 10th.