News News Cheap Trick Helps Define "Selling Out"

Cheap Trick Helps Define "Selling Out"

Cheap Trick Dream Police

The term selling out is used frequently in the music industry to describe all sorts of different happenings. Personally, I'm happy to see great bands, who have worked hard for years touring and perfecting their act, succeed.

Sometimes I hear selling out being used to describe the actions of a band that have signed a record contract with a label that will help them make money. More often, early fans of a band will apply the term when the band has changed their musical style in such a way that it appeals to a wider audience, whether or not that change is a natural progression. In fact, it's difficult to define the the term selling out because it means different things to different people. In an effort to help you define what selling out means to you, I offer this bit of news:

The late 70's power-pop band Cheap Trick has recently been back to the studio to re-record their hit song Dream Police, but renamed as Green Police, to be featured in an Audi A3 TDI clean diesel Super Bowl commercial.

I'm not against people making income from their art, and the commercial itself is actually pretty funny. No, I'm not against any of this. I'm just saying that if you're going to throw around the term selling out, be sure you've considered all the different angles.