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The Golden Dogs Done Playing Dead

The Golden Dogs
The Golden Dogs — Coat Of Arms
Article by: Natalia Buia

Come July 27th, Toronto band The Golden Dogs will show how third time's the charm with their latest album, Coat Of Arms.

The band is anxious to release what they say are their proudest moments on record. And why wouldn’t they be proud? After finally being liberated from their previous record contract, The Golden Dogs were able to do as they pleased in terms of music making. Their last album, Big Eye, Little Eye left the band jet-setting to Germany and the U.K. but with this upcoming album, the band will definitely be brought to new destinations, all while staying golden. Click below to have a listen to their excellent first single, "Permanent Record".

Track listing:

  1. Dear Francis
  2. Darkroom
  3. As Long As You Like
  4. Weapon
  5. Cheap Umbrellas
  6. Travel Time
  7. Underwater Goldmine
  8. Lester
  9. Burst
  10. Movie's Over
  11. Permanent Record
  12. Old Hat
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Music: Permanent Record (Right-click to download)