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Free Track from Amos The Transparent

Amos The Transparent
Free Track from Amos The Transparent
Article by: Pete Nema

Amos The Transparent has announced a new full-length album, Goodnight My Dear... I'm Falling Apart, scheduled to be released on February 14, 2012. If you're like me, that's too long to wait; but fortunately the band has decided to release two 4 song EPs in advance of the full-length. And even better is that these tracks are being released for free.

Goodnight My Dear is the first 4 song EP that will feature their softer side and will be made available on November 29th. I'm Falling Apart is the second 4 song EP featuring fuller rock compositions, available December 20th. The full length album will be these two EPs combined with an additional 6 tracks.

For the next week, Sticky Magazine is happy to bring you one of the free tracks, "Says The Spark" — listen and download now, it's only available until November 28th. [Sorry, download has now been disabled, but check their Bandcamp page.]

Amos The Transparent on Bandcamp

All eight tracks from the two EPs will be released through music blogs and websites over 8 weeks, so keep checking back on the Amos The Transparent website to find out where the next track is located.

The songs from their first two releases really come alive when they are performed on stage; they have become more dynamic, more intense, and the audience involvement in the live show has re-shaped many of their best known numbers. With Amos The Transparent, hearing these songs in the recorded format is just the start, but also the only way to start, so download "Says The Spark" now.