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Amos The Transparent Releases EP For Preschoolers

Amos The Transparent - A Is For Amos
Amos The TransparentA Is For Amos
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Ottawa's Amos The Transparent has done something a little unexpected, and for anyone out there who is a parent to young children, here is a download for you.

The band has taken a few great songs from their first two records, Everything I've Forgotten To Forget and My, What Big Teeth You Have..., stripped them down, removed the vocals, added an element of a Fisher-Price meets Playskool instrumentation.

The result? A Is For Amos. It's a six song children's collection which is a soothing slice of Amos you won't hear during their raucous live shows (for examples, see our photos/reviews from past shows). "We thought it might be a good idea to start marketing to the pre-school set" says Amos founder Jonathan Chandler (vocals, guitar), "Get them early, get them for life". Ha! Sarcasm aside, I think there's a lot of kids in the 0-6 year-old range that will really enjoy this twist on some of Amos The Transparent's best indie-rock songs.

If you're not in the 0-6 year-old range, but more in the 19+ area, Amos The Transparent with join forces with Zeus at the Horseshoe Tavern this Friday, December 3rd. I highly recommend going to that show, if for no other reason than just so you can tell your preschooler kids/nieces/nephews/random-preschoolers-on-the-street that you're going to see the guys who play A Is For Amos.

Track listing:

  1. After All That It's Come To This
  2. She Wasn't Lying
  3. It's A Beautiful Life
  4. My Fear Of Animals
  5. Title Track
  6. Lemons