News Music Download "Tobias Grey" From Postdata's Debut Album

Download "Tobias Grey" From Postdata's Debut Album


Postdata, a band formed by Paul Murphy (vocals, guitar) of Wintersleep and his brother Michael Murphy (records, mixes), are receiving tons of acclaim for their haunting self-titled debut album released less than a month ago.

The band says the album is a present to their mother. Paul Murphy’s voice and lyrics are both deeply moving as he sings about dreams, death and family. On many occasions, critics have labelled this honest, stripped down album as "perfect" and rightfully so. In this live video of “Tobias Grey”, Paul Murphy showcases his strengths as a vocalist and guitarist.

Postdata are currently touring in Europe.

Track listing:

  1. Lazarus
  2. In Chemicals
  3. Tracers
  4. Paranoid Clusters
  5. Eclipse
  6. Tobias Grey
  7. Warning
  8. Drift
  9. The Coroner

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