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Sandman Viper Command: This Is (Not) A Joke

Snadman Viper Command

A "How To" list from a band that aren't sure they know how to.


Interview: Reasons To Keep Gentlemen Husbands On Your Radar


In “Family Economics” lead singer Rick Ballard sings: “I’m gonna ride in on the top of this tide” and man, what a tide it’s been for Gentlemen Husbands.


Interview: Peter Katz Finds His Zen In Touring

Peter Katz

Last month, before my hectic NxNE schedule was about to take flight, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to interview one of my favourite local artists, Peter Katz.


Interview: Sweet Thing - No Artificial Flavour

Sweet Thing

Unlike other interviews, I was more stoked than shy to interview Sweet Thing backstage at the Horseshoe Tavern for the sole reason that they're hilarious.


An Interview With Admiral Radley And Much Hilarity Ensued


It’s always impressive when talented bands from the past marry and present us with new music from a fresh perspective. This is the case with Admiral Radley. One part Grandaddy and one part Earlimart makes for a whole lot of noise – but the good kind. With I Heart California, debuting in record stores July 13, the ever so sarcastic band member Aaron Espinoza fills us in on what’s so unique about this West Coast quartet.

You can judge for yourself when they play the Horseshoe Tavern on August 15.


NXNE 2010 Interview: Hollerado Is A Lean, Not Mean, Rooftop Playing Machine

Hollerado at Nacho House
The Nacho House, Toronto, Ontario
Friday, June 18, 2010

Interview by: Natalia Buia
Photos by: Pete Nema

It was the perfect way to spend a hot summer afternoon; rooftop party with free nachos, cheap beer, confetti, spray paint, and good Canadian music courtesy of the fine folks at Audio Blood. The crowded location may have been perfumed by beer, sweat, and cigarettes but to hear the awesome tunes of The Balconies et al while you're chatting with old friends you haven't seen in months, it was beyond what I imagined.


NXNE 2010 Interview: The Blue Van Show Their True Colours

The Blue Van at Mod Club Theatre
The Blue Van
The Mod Club in Toronto, Ontario
June 16, 2010

Interview by: Natalia Buia
Photos by: Michelle Cortese

Although NXNE showcases a variety of local bands, there are some that travel great distances to be a part of the festival and gain new found Canadian fans. Some even have to cross the Atlantic Ocean like the Danish dudes of The Blue Van. They played a good ol’ fashioned rock show at The Mod Club on June 16, to promote their new album Man Up. Backstage, Sticky contributor Natalia Buia had a candid conversation with Allan Villadsen (bass) and Per Jorgenson (drums) about commercial success, band comparisons and manning up.


NXNE 2010 Interview: Watching for We Are The City

We Are The City

One year ago, We Are The City were a very different band. They had never done a cross-Canada tour (they've now done multiple), they had never been part of a big music festival (they have now been part of both CMW and NXNE), and they had little to no money and publicity (they have now won the Peak Performance Project and with it $150,000). Not bad for a band of three 20-year-old guys from Kelowna, BC.


Theresa Joy From The Bridge Finds Acting Inspiration In Music

Theresa Joy (Photo by: Pete Nema)
Theresa Joy

Article by: Jo Vos, Pete Nema
Photos by: Pete Nema

Theresa Joy is most definitely one the more intriguing actors on the new hit TV series The Bridge. You may know her as the spirited police constable known as “Billy”, but what you might not know is that Joy's portrayal of Billy was partially derived from music.


Almost Famous with Make Your Exit

Make Your Exit

"It's a think-piece about a mid-level band struggling with their limitations in the harsh face of stardom."


Interview with Nathan Moore of Surprise Me Mr. Davis

Nathan Moore

Reporter Lucas Samuels sits down with singer-songwriter Nathan Moore of Surprise Me Mr. Davis.


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