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A Sticky Showcase Preview: 6 Questions for Shaky Knees

Shaky Knees
Shaky Knees
Article by: Chad Hutchings

Allow us to introduce you to Shaky Knees.


With our CMW showcase coming up quicker than we thought the laws of physics would allow, it's getting down to the wire for these little introductions of ours. Over the past week, you've seen us talk to Revelstoke, North Lakes, and Dominique Fricot, and now it's time to turn your eyes and ears over toward Shaky Knees, the first act you'll see on-stage tomorrow night at The Rivoli.

The solo project of Brazilian-gone-Torontonian Bruno Rodrigues, Shaky Knees has made a simple and fresh effort at showing the world his work and has been catching eyes of critics and getting what we're willing to bet will be plenty of attention from you lovely people out there that are about to read our recent conversation.

Sticky: First off, I just want to talk about your video EP project. For anyone who doesn't know what you and I know, could you tell us a bit about it?

Bruno: Basically, I just took all of these songs that I had written in my bedroom and got together with some friends and just went around the streets of Toronto and New York and recorded everything. we went to Long and Mcquade and rented some equipment - I think we spent like fifty bucks – and just had a good time and recorded the songs. I was lucky enough that my friend that was filming was just incredible. I didn't expect it to turn out that good, so I was really surprised by it! The music industry is so upside down-right now that I felt like there was no reason to follow any kind of rules; I felt like it would be cool to launch a project in a different way.

Sticky: So that's why you chose video and not just standard audio?

Bruno: Yeah! I mean, any artist still needs to have just audio to promote themselves, but I felt like the videos would be a good route for the project.

Sticky: Are these tracks going to be released in a physical form?

Bruno: I don't know yet. Probably not all of them, but definitely a few of them.

Sticky: Okay. So it's obvious why you chose Toronto, but why New York?

Bruno: Well, I'm originally from Brazil and I've just always wanted to go to New York, but I've never had the proper visa. This just felt like the perfect opportunity to kind of... what is it they say in Canada? Get two birds with one stone? We took the midnight bus and we rented a hostel and stayed there for a week and did all the videos on a Saturday.

Sticky: Now that you have that down, what can we expect from you? How are you burning through your time?

Bruno: Well I've been working really hard to find out what's next for Shaky Knees. At the moment, I've been doing a lot of rehearsals with a backing band. For the Sticky Magazine showcase, I'm bringing two gospel singers from the University of Toronto choir and they're going to be doing backing vocals to the songs. I'm going to be playing mostly songs from the website, but a few new songs too. I've just been working really hard on that transition and I've been working on getting a studio and getting an EP out – that'll be the no-video version of Shaky Knees.

Sticky: So when you bring the band to the showcase, how will that be different from what we've seen in the videos... how are you going to work all of that in? Are you writing all of their parts, or is it something you're piecing together collectively?

Bruno: No, I'm still writing everything. For an event like Canadian Music Week, I felt like it would be appropriate to do a little extra, rather than just me and my guitar. I like the freedom to do both and just play solo sometimes, and then have friends come join me on stage.

Want to get a sample of what Shaky Knees has in store? Take a look below at his official site to view the EP project and browse away at his CMW profile.

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