Features Interviews A Sticky Showcase Preview: 5 Questions for North Lakes

A Sticky Showcase Preview: 5 Questions for North Lakes

North Lakes
North Lakes
Article by: Chad Hutchings

Allow us to introduce you to North Lakes.

If everything's going according to our devious little plan, we've made it pretty tough to avoid hearing about our Canadian Music Week Showcase at the Rivoli on Wednesday. Hell, you might have even taken the time to get acquainted with Revelstoke, one of six acts in that showcase that you surely shouldn't miss.
Now, before you go and get in over your head, we want to make sure you understand that this showcase is a marathon. We have some pretty awesome acts kicking off somewhere around the time you should be eating dinner and sprawling until long after you probably should have gone to bed (but you won't because, uh, how about just one more drink?). That last 1am set is what we're thinking about right now - that set that's competing with alarm-clock-guilt, that set that needs to get you dancing or you're going to head on home with that cute beer-goggled blur of a person that you've been eyeing across the room... That's where North Lakes comes in.

We're going to go ahead and promise that The Charlottetown five-piece will offer up a stage show full of fire, because their music has the kind of punch that makes their fans want to move and be on their poorest behaviour (despite the fact that their latest Grand Prix was recorded in a church, of all places - but we'll get to that). That punch has gotten them plenty of critical acclaim, gotten them nominations in the Music PEI Awards, and gotten them some pretty great gigs, including slots at The East Coast Music Awards, Halifax Pop Explosion, and past CMW incarnations.

With the help of the kind modern technological miracles that still scare our grandparents, we managed to traverse the lengths of the country to ask North Lakes' Nathan Gill a few quick questions, which were followed by just as many quick answers.

Sticky: So we're seeing more and more artists lately that are opting to record in unconventional spaces and places with a little more character - and you're on that list with your latest album, Grand Prix. Can you tell us a bit about why you chose to record in a church, and how the process worked out?

Nathan: Our friends in Paper Lions had been using the church as a rehearsal space and had recorded some demos there months before we began work on Grand Prix. Colin [Buchanan], who produced the record and plays guitar in Lions, felt really good about exploring that location based on his experiences there. We were very happy with the results. It gave the record a unique, capacious sound.

Sticky: You've taken that album on the road a lot since it was released last May, and now you're heading back out with it again when you come to CMW next week. That adds up to a hell of a lot of time together in the road. Do you end up liking one another as much at the end of your road trips as you did at the beginning?

Nathan: We definitely need our space from each other at the end of a stretch on the road, as anyone would (boys'll be boys). However, we've all grown together both musically and personally into a brotherhood so we always maintain a mutual respect.

Sticky: What else does this trip have in store for North Lakes aside from your CMW sets? Are there other events you're aiming to see, any other shows along the way... any big plans for the perfect waffle at your favourite roadside diner?

Nathan: Hotel pool.

Sticky: Speaking of traveling, we recently chatted with fellow east-coaster Andy Brown about the pros and cons of being stationed on that end of the country and, being originally from the Atlantic myself, I've noticed a few contrasts between audiences there and audiences in Toronto. Do you see any differences in how you're received on either end, or in the way that fans let loose?

Nathan: Interestingly, our Ontario audiences tend to feature a lot of East Coast ex-pats, which makes the shows nice and rowdy. Granted, we're usually too rowdy ourselves to notice what the audience is doing. I think if the mood is right and we communicate well from the stage, audiences are just as receptive anywhere.

Sticky: Will Toronto fans be hearing any new material when you take the stage at The Rivoli next week? Do you have anything new in the works that will trump what came from your time in that church?

Nathan: There are probably 6 or 7 new songs we're working on currently. I expect we'll pull two of them out which we recorded recently. We're going to continue to write and record in the coming months with full intentions to trump the church.


Care to learn a little more? Well you might want to click this little link and read more from their CMW artist profile. After you've read all the new articles on Sticky, of course.