Features Interviews NXNE 2011: Surviving NXNE with BABE

NXNE 2011: Surviving NXNE with BABE


Interview by: Natalia Buia

BABE are like those delicious cinnamon buns you just took out of the oven: So fresh and hot, you have to give it time before fully indulging.

Michael Silvestre (lead vocals, guitar), Marcel Strohmeier (bass), Tommy Kobayashi (guitar, keys, vocals) and Chris Ryan (drums) make up the funk-infested band that has only played eleven shows in and around the city prior to their NxNE debut at Rancho Relaxo on Saturday, June 18. It was a sure-fire show that left the crowd yelling at the ingenuous band to "play more songs!" Having only put out demos, the next six months will only solidify the band as a much tighter sounding unit.

Just as it was for BABE, this year will have been many people's first NXNE experience. From the 60 venues to choose from, the 600 bands to check out, the dozen hot dogs to wolf down and perhaps one or two girls' phone numbers that may or may not be fake, there's a lot to take in! Take it from Mike Silvestre, a first time NXNE performer and spectator, on how to get out of this festival alive. 

  • Plan your schedule before you leave the house to ensure you won't miss anything.
  • Riding a bike to get to different venues is not only faster but also cheaper than transit or taxis.
  • If you’re a singer, a shot or two of Jager helps warm up the throat before stage time.
  • Network, network, network! Social networking (via Twitter) is one of the biggest ways to get your name out there, whether you're a musician or member of the media.
  • If you're in a band, put as much strength and energy into your live show as you do in the studio.

If you missed out on BABE, check 'em while they're hot. Their next show will be at The Garrison on July 10 put on by Wavelengths.