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The Mark Inside Versus The World

The Mark Inside
The Mark Inside
Interview by: Natalia Buia

Sure, playing music with your best buds could bring anyone to a state of euphoria; however, bands like The Mark Inside prove that it’s not all fun and games. These four troopers have experienced the highs and lows of being in a band and recording music. Is the grass greener now that they’ve overcome major obstacles? Chris Levoir (guitar, vocals) spoke to me before the band’s set at Parts & Labour last week about the trials and tribulations of getting on the right path.

Not one for label politics, the band got out of their contracts with MapleMusic Recordings about 5 years ago and kept writing new material until finally scoring a rad deal with MetalBox Recordings – their silver lining.

The band knows the motto “you win some, you lose some” far too well, with the recent departure of original drummer Geordie Dynes. The newly recruited Reade Ollivier certainly looks promising – just check him out at live shows.

“Reade’s kicking ass.” Levoir says, adding the band is in a better place now. What doesn’t kill ‘em made ‘em stronger, we suppose.

“Every once in a while, we had to sit together and say ‘guys, is this still fun for us?’”

Levoir now manages the band on his own, taking the power back and holding destiny in his own hands. He says it’s important for the band to keep their integrity throughout obstacles.

“I’m certainly more responsible now. This is what I’m making my life about,” says Levoir.

With Levoir’s positive attitude and the band’s determination, they soon found themselves in England. Recorded two and a half years ago now, at Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire England, False Flags is compromised of good ol’ rock n roll songs that will get your heart pumping. The band stayed in the small town of what Levoir says “had 50 people”, for one month to record with Jim Abbiss, who’s also produced for The Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian.

“He really knows gear and he really knows what good music sounds like. He was pretty hard on us,” Levoir says, agreeing that Abbiss brought the guys out of their comfort zone.

Compared to previous recordings, Levoir’s songwriting has matured in False Flags, which is evident in songs like “Shots from a Broken Bottle”. Levoir, formerly from Whitby, says Toronto is a good city for music and discovering new bands. He learned he wanted to more accurately paint the world as he saw it.

“Because of all the label shit that we went through, we kept writing and waiting for somebody to give us the green light,” says Levoir. “It’s going to keep us feeling like we’re a God honest band still kicking and screaming.”

The band recorded 50 demos amidst the label hardships to keep productive. Now that The Mark Inside have teased fans with 6 new songs, anticipation for their spring 2011 full length release Nothing To Admit should continue to grow. Levoir even says music videos are on the horizon.

It’s admirable when, in a world of post-modern sounding bands (that all sound the same), The Mark Inside keep it to the root of rock ‘n roll.

“You should only be playing in this day and age if you truly like to play,” he concludes.